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Founded in 2003 by the former team at Streampipe, Capital Reach specializes in facilitating the delivery of meetings, conferences, and seminars to worldwide audiences using streaming media technology delivered via the Internet. Capital Reach employees possess a long history of providing superior webcasting applications and in delivering extraordinary customer service. Capital Reach solutions enable organizations to provide compelling meeting content via the web to individuals who otherwise could not attend such events, greatly expanding the reach and impact of every important meeting.

Team History
The core of the Capital Reach team starting working together in the mid-1990's at the Federal Reserve Board, where we collaborated on the development of applications for streaming media and the Internet. Capital Reach is proud of our history of working together as a team. Grown out of a history of professional experience in the Washington, DC area, Capital Reach prides itself on understanding the needs of non-profit and government institutions.

Milestones in Capital Reach team history:
2005 - Capital Reach strengthens its digital media audio and video service offering by adding an expert from the television and audio production industry to the team.

2005 - Capital Reach expands the interactive CD-ROM business to include a fully-functional player in all major browsers on all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

2003 - Capital Reach launches independent operations offering the full suite of Streampipe technology.

2002 - Streampipe acquired by Loudeye, a digital-media company focused on the music industry.

2000 - Streampipe acquires 4ward Logic to build its online service offering from the ground up, eliminating Streampipe's use of inadequate off-the-shelf technology. The 4ward Logic team became the core of Streampipe's operations.

2000 - 4ward Logic expands its team by hiring a webcasting professional from C-SPAN, an early adopter of the technology.

1999 - Team leaves the Federal Reserve Board to found 4ward Logic, a webcasting technology company.

1997 - Future Capital Reach team members become the Federal Reserve Board's first public web site team, builds the Fed's site from the ground up, and pioneers the internal use of webcasting technology.

1993 - Future Capital Reach team members begin working together as employees of the Federal Reserve Board.

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