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Our self-service Subscription Webcasting Solution

SelfCast puts the power and reach of our technology in your hands. Capital Reach trains your staff to use our tools to post content to our servers. Capital Reach manages the servers and supports you every step of the way, but you are in control of your content.

SelfCast is optimal for organizations that host a large number of meetings every year passing along significant savings by enabling webcasts to be posted between $300 and $500 a session. This allows organizations to create a virtual meeting destination website which extends the brand of your on-site meetings to a worldwide audience that could not otherwise attend your conferences. Meeting webcasts are a quality source of content for your website as they increase the duration of a visit as users tend to watch presentations with a view time of 10-15 minutes.

Subscribers to SelfCast have access to many of our industry-leading webcasting features including detailed usage reports with valuable aggregate and monthly data provided as well as data on each unique webcast view.

We encourage organizations considering a virutal meeting destination web site, to take a closer look at our Webcasting Sponsorship Program as a source of funding.

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