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Our full-service offering for conferences with time-sensitive online requirements.

For many organizations, annual meetings represent the most significant event in an industry each year. The presentations offered at a conference often offer late-breaking research that is relevant to a worldwide constituency. While webcasting will never replace the value of attending a conference on-site, it does present a unique opportunity to broaden the reach of your meeting content to a worldwide audience. By making selected sessions available within days of on-site presentation, you are strengthening the brand awareness of your organization by ensuring that members of your industry continue to associate your meeting content with you in your own custom designed webcast player.

Our SummitCast service provides you with a high level of on-site support to ensure that sessions are made available within 24-hours of being presented on-site. We work closely with your on-site audio/video production provider to coordinate the recording of sessions and capture of PowerPoint presentations to ensure that sessions are posted in a timely manner.

In an effort to simplify the funding process, we encourage associations to take a closer look at our Association Webcasting Sponsorship Program which matches sponsors who fund association conference webcasts.

A more economical version of our SummitCast service provides for a level of on-site service that ensures that source materials are properly captured, but additional savings are available by opting for a longer turnaround time.

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