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Our technology has a wide variety of application for making Association or Corporate Conferences available Online

Webcasting has emerged as a great new tool to help associations tackle the challenge of communicating to a dispersed membership. Capital Reach's feature-rich webcast solutions should be a component in any communication plan. Here's why:

New Revenue - Whether through sponsorship or pay-per-view continuing education programs, webcasting is a new source of revenue.

Extend the Value of a Meeting - A meeting, whether it is a conference, seminar, or virtual meeting, should no longer be thought of as a one-time on-site physical event. A webcast will never replace the value that is brought by an on-site meeting. However, webcasting offers the opportunity to extend the value of a meeting by making it available to members long after it has ended. This lasting value is extended to webcast sponsors, the viewing audience, and on-site meeting attendees who could not attend every session.

Promotional Tool to a Captive Audience - Webcasting offers a way to use valuable content to promote future meetings, publications, and other association priorities to a captive audience. It also offers a means to collect data and measure feedback on the value of your content.

Learn more about the various implementations of our solutions:

Annual Conferences Learn how Capital Reach will transform your annual conference from a once-a-year event to a year long destination for your constituency.

Sponsorship Program Use Capital Reach to fund your webcast using our sponsorship program which guarantees a share of fees raised for our clients.

SessionsToGo Are you concerned about maintaining and growing attendance at your conferences? Reward your paid attendees with Capital Reach SessionsToGo.

Continuing Education Enable users to gain continuing education credit online

Virtual Expert Lectures Provide a new benefit to your members by offering a regular series of lectures.

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