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Conference Webcasts as a Source of Revenue

Many associations face the similar challenge of raising revenue to support the webcasting of an annual conference or large meeting. Leading associations now think of a webcast as another asset to be sold as a sponsorship of their conference. Just as an advertisement is sold as a sponsorship in a conference program, sponsors enjoy the same kind of exposure with a webcast. Many non-profits, also choose to seek funding from foundations or government agencies in order to promote the valuable continuing education and learning experiences gained from conferences. The Capital Reach reporting and data measurement tools give you reliable metrics to prove to your funding sources, whether sponsors or otherwise, that their investment was worthwhile.

Fund your conference webcast with
Capital Reach Sponsorship Program

In an effort to simplify the funding process, we encourage associations to take a closer look at our Association Webcasting Sponsorship Program which matches sponsors who fund association conference webcasts. Our program guarantees a share of the sponsorship fee for our client associations.

Corporate Conferences
Preserve the content presented at your corporate conference using Capital Reach webcasting solutions. Our solutions are well-suited to sales and training conferences providing valuable follow-up resources for your attendees and key usage tracking tools for the conference provider. We encourage comapanies to consider webcasting and our SessionsToGo solution which which provides access to sessions either by CD-ROM or a webcast once a conference has ended.

Conference Services
Capital Reach offers a robust suite of solutions and services for capturing sessions from your conference. We can either travel to your meeting or collect source materials from your audio/video provider after your conference has ended. With a proven track record in winning the loyalty and support of our customers, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality solutions and superior customer service. Our rich set of features can help you extend the reach of an annual meeting beyond its once-a-year date.

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