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Give Your Members Access to Industry Experts

Members often look to experts within associations for advice and insights on matters that are relevant to their industry. To supplement membership service offerings, associations are turning to webcasting to provide timely and late breaking information. For example, associations offer weekly expert lecture series on matters of importance to members. From their own desks, issue experts record presentations using their telephone and deliver timely information to members with a synchronized PowerPoint presentation.

Manage Expert Webcast Series with SelfCast
The Capital Reach SelfCast service is an ideal application for associations to conveniently self-service the production of these webcasts in-house. This solution provides another avenue for associations to affordably create a revenue generating asset from webcasting.

Fund Your Webcast Series with our Sponsorship Program
Support your Virtual Expert Series with our Association Webcasting Sponsorship Program which finds sponsors for association webcasts. Our program guarantees a share of the sponsorship fee for our clients.

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